8 Questions with B-Boy C Plus | Hip Hop and Personal Style

Join us to glimpse the life of B-Boy C Plus, one of Hong Kong's top breakdancers and a member of the Hong Kong Breakdance Team. It's all about Hip Hop, Breakdance and Personal Style! 

1) Introduce yourself!

Sup everyone, this is B-Boy C Plus, and I've been breakdancing for 13 years.

2) Three words to describe your attitude to life?

Persistence, Pursuit, Enjoyment 

3) When did you start being interested in the hip-hop culture and Breakdance?

It was 13 years ago when I first played the online game Audition Online. Then I started watching the popular Taiwan TV program called Lollipop, where they often have dance-related episodes with breakdancers performing. The game and the TV program attracted me to the culture and breakdancing, and I started to dip my toe into it.

4) The most unforgettable memory in your 13 years journey of breakdancing?

The 2018 Silverback Open Championships in the States - I got World Top 32 in the 1-on-1 competition. This competition was the one that gathered the most Bboys from around the world that year. It blew my mind that I got to the Top 32 - I was shocked at my accomplishment. It’s since been one of my motivations, knowing what I can achieve if I push myself hard.

5) What influence do you think the Hip Hop culture has on your life in different aspects (e.g. lifestyle/fashion style/attitude)?

It has undoubtedly shaped my adventurous spirit - now, I’m always about thinking outside the box and pushing myself further. The only way to continuous improvement is to look at things from different perspectives, and to explore possibilities. Being immersed in the Hip Hop culture for many years has given me a deeper understanding of life’s highs and lows. Have faith in yourself when you are feeling low, and continue to push yourself - take risks when you are at the peak. 

6) Your pick from the GO OFF FW 2022 collection?

For me it's the White Tag Sign Top, the Double Front Work Jeans with the Beige Logo Camp Cap or the Beige Eye Logo Bucket Hat.

7) Why did you select this outfit ?

I have always preferred to wear blue and white, and the material gave this outfit so much flexibility that I feel comfortable in it. As a dancer, oversized fit goes perfectly with my lifestyle as I’m always dancing, and visually they enhance my movements, so my dance moves look more impactful.

8) Share with us your experience of finding your personal style in breakdancing and fashion!

I am an innovative and adventurous person. In terms of dancing, I push myself to compose and create my dance moves from different perspectives. For example, if the original foundation for the move is to step to the right, I always try to step to the left or jump forward and see how it goes. The same applies to my fashion - I push myself to think out of the box and try different outfit combinations, from which I believe I’ve found my personal style that matches my lifestyle as a dancer.